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I like the teacher's involvement with the student. Besides being so nice, the fact that you don't tell us what to do but we need to figure out what's wrong is an awesome way of challenging the student to develop critical thinking.


I like the environment. It's a very friendly class in which students learn and have fun.


We can learn and finish things at our own pace, we're also able to use our creativity however we want and it's fun... also we're able to ask the teachers questions as many times as we need and that's really helpful.

Nuestro Curriculum

Nuestros estudiantes comienzan a programar con Scratch, un lenguaje de programación basado en bloques diseñado por MIT. Scratch les permite desarrollar la lógica fundamental de la informática necesaria para analizar problemas complejos.

Después de completar Scratch, los estudiantes progresan a WoofJS, una herramienta que desarrollamos para que los estudiantes hagan la transición de Scratch a Javascript. Luego continúan con nuestro plan de estudios y código web en HTML, CSS y Javascript.​


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